A new contemporary dance theatre piece from an intergenerational cast of dancers and community artists, Sheltering Moves shares moments of hope and joy in human relationships and creates places for care, relaxation and safety.
In search of wellbeing amidst the complexities of this socially changing and politically charged world, with heartbreaking stories of families on the move seeking refuge, dancers construct shelters for survival, and share personal stories through dance.

Note: Separate workshop performances titled Moving Shelters, reconstructing the shelters and offering opportunities for the audience to participate, will be held in the Time Court on Saturday 2 March and Sunday 3 March and 3pm, free entry.

Classes: We are very pleased to offer a series of open morning community classes on Thursday mornings beginning on Thursday 10th January.

Thursday 28 Feb, 6pm
Friday 1 Mar, 6pm

Pacific Crystal Palace
Time Court

$25 General Admission
$22 Concession
*Booking fess apply


Link to The Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival Event Page: https://hgaf.co.nz/sheltering-moves/

Foto: Karen Barbour
Dancer: Courtney Richmond